Valen Ferri

Valen Ferri
Olathe KS

Company Description:

VF Jewel.

Art you can wear.

I have a passion to create my pieces by hand sculpting wire into frame pendants and earrings. I use Gold Filled and Sterling silver. You can wear my pieces dressed up or casual. They command attention without being overwhelming.

As I design my pieces I find pain points about jewelry and fix them. One of my most irritating is putting a necklace on backward just to flip it and still get it wrong. There is no front or back to my pieces each side is equally beautiful.

I take great care in sourcing quality gemstones. You will find a wide selection from diamond to quartz. I believe it is important to my clients that they can trust that I am always transparent with my work.

New Products

Chain threader earrings. Wire sculpted threader earrings. Double stud earrings. And bracelets. Exclusively using Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.

Product Images: