Vipluxarychic Paparazzi Jewelry

Vipluxarychic Paparazzi Jewelry
1727 N. 78th Street
Kansas City KS
Booth: 2041

Company Description:

I absolutely love being a part of the Paparazzi family. I am a working professional, sister, auntie, wife, and friend. I absolutely love the relationships that I have built in the business and am very glad that I made the decision to take a chance on myself. I suffered from bouts of depression after the passing of my mother, but after joining this amazing organization I felt like a new person! My confidence and gloss were back. Plus the relationships and friendships that have been formed, are life-changing. Join my amazing team and find out how your life will change for the better.

Not only can you enjoy shopping with me Live on Facebook every Wednesday evening, but now you can shop 24/7/365!

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Show Specials:

Paparazzi Accessories starting at $5, Hair Accessories $5, Earring $5, Necklace and earrings set $5, Rings $5, Bracelet $5 and Zi Collection $25.

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Show Deals Five Year Exhibitor