Five Tips to Prep for Spring

Even though The Johnson County Home + Garden Show is happening, spring may still seem far away! You don’t have to wait until the snow melts to get a start on your lawns and flowerbeds. Here are a few things you can do well in advance:

1. Test your soil pH – Many homeowners aren’t aware that soil conditions can vary dramatically in the same region, and even the same city. And with the numerous varietals of plants, knowing your soil pH is a helpful way to narrow your landscape choices.
2. Consult a professional – Most companies will provide you with a complimentary initial assessment of your property. This is a good initial measure to get an idea of the timeline, cost and necessary maintenance. Seeking advice from multiple companies is the best way to find a balance between quality service and value.
3. Make a list – Designing an entire front and backyard can seem intimidating, especially to people unfamiliar with the process. By making a list of what you want, whether that’s a koi pond, vegetable garden or flowerbed, you can speed up the design process and segment it into doable sections.
4. Start budgeting – Landscaping can range from extremely affordable to alarmingly expensive. Look up the cost of some of your favorite plants to get an idea of the base price. Then make sure to factor in additional money for labor and design costs.
5. Research – Whether you love camellias or topiaries, there are more varieties than you’ve probably encountered. Utilizing the remaining winter months to sort through some of the different plants you prefer. This will help ensure you get your dream landscaping.

Mar 1, 2021, 19:19 PM