Your Home And Garden Show Checklist

Mar 1, 2021, 19:30 PM
Blog 2: Your Home And Garden Show Checklist

The Johnson County Home + Garden Show is the ideal place to meet industry veterans, find design inspiration and budget for your home projects. However, with hundreds of vendors, the show can be a lot to take in. It’s easy to forget why you’re there or what you need if you don’t have a show checklist!

• First, jot down all of the projects or industries you’re interested in learning more about. Those could include the following: an outdoor living space, foundation repairs, tree trimming and master bath remodel. Then, note which of those are most important and sort the list based on your priorities. This will allow you to do some initial research in advance.
• Go to to see a comprehensive list of participating companies. Make note of booth numbers and business names for relevant exhibitors. Additionally, you can view the floorplan and even mark the booths you’d like to visit.
• Finally, help everyone to have a safe and productive show by bringing a mask and wearing it when not eating or drinking. Vendors will be wearing them at all times, so you can feel confident while planning your next home renovation project.
There’s a wealth of information and opportunity at the home show. All you need to do is be organized, inquisitive and ready to learn about how you can make your home better than ever!